Installing Scipy in Travis-CI container environment (even Python 2.6)

It took me a bit to piece together all the information, so I decided to share them here. To install an arbitrary version of Scipy in your Travis container (even Python 2.6) you need to:

Add the following packages via the apt addon:

      - libopenblas-base
      - libopenblas-dev
      - liblapack-dev
      - gfortran

Upgrade pip so it can install wheels:

  - pip install --upgrade pip

Install any version of Scipy via pip:

  - pip install scipy==0.18.1

In a Python 2.7 container this installs a binary package of Scipy. Very fast, very convenient. In a Python 2.6 container Scipy apparently has to be compiled from scratch. Less fast, but once it is set up, no less convenient.


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